VABridgewaterRockinghamSt. Michael’s UCCThe St. Michael’s UCC collection consists of one box containing: History. Newsletters. Informational Brochures. ST. MICHAELS STORY, 1764-1964: THE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST; TWO CENTURIES OF CHURCH HISTORY, by Charles Herbert Huffman, 1964. THE MONTHLY CALL, newsletters, 1891-1892.Church RG 484
VAFranklinSouthamptonHunterdale Christian ChurchThe Hunterdale Christian Church collection consists of one file containing: History. A REVISED HISTORY OF HUNTERDALE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, 1825-1975.Church RG 534
VAKeezletownRockinghamEhrmentrouts Union ChurchThe Ehrmentrouts Union Church collection consists of one envelope containing: – Cemetery Records: Inscriptions, 1797-1977 by Wilsene Scott and Donna Triplett. Located in “The Rockingham Recorder”, Apr. 1982, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 30-46.Church RG 618
VALovettsvilleLoudonSt. James Reformed ChurchThe St. James Reformed Church collection consists of 1 box containing: – Cemetery Records: compiled by Clarence & Helene Welch and Pat Madigan, 1992 – Church Records (original): Baptisms, 1766-1859; Confirmations, 1790-1815; Communicants, 1789-1857 – Church Recods (transcription): Baptisms, 1766-1828; Confirmations, 1790-1815; Communicants, 1790-1815 transcribed & indexed by Jerry & Tedi Jeen Mower, 1993 – History: General; Published – Committees: – Consistory: Minutes, 1831-1833 (found in original record book) LOVETTSVILLE THE GERMAN SETTLEMENT, by Yetive Rockefeller Weatherly, 1976.Church RG 113
VALurayShenandoahLeaksville UCCThe Leaksville UCC collection consists of history and newsletters.Church RG 758
VAMcGaheysvilleRockinghamPeaked Mountain (Brown Memorial) Reformed ChurchThe Peaked Mountain (Brown Memorial) Reformed Church collection consists of 1 box containing: – Bulletins – Church Records (transcription): Baptisms, 1745-1802; Marriages, 1753, 1762, 1795-1796; Deaths, 1795-1797; Membership. Transcribed by William J. Hinke and Charles E. Kemper. Published in WILLIAM AND MARY COLLEGE QUARTERLY, 1905-1906. 2 copies – Constitutions, 1769 – History: General; News Clippings – Newsletters, 1990-1994 (incomplete) – Pastors: Randall-Bodman, David. Resignation, 1995Church RG 112
VAMiddlebrookAugustaSt. John’s Reformed ChurchThe St. John’s Reformed Church collection consists of one box containing: – Bulletins, 1912-1931 – Published Histories – Auxiliary Organizations: Men’s League Membership, 1930; Woman’s Missionary Society Membership, 1930.Church RG 561
VAMt. CrawfordRockinghamFrieden’s Union ChurchThe Frieden’s Union Church (Mt. Crawford, VA) collection consists of one box containing: – Bulletins – Constitution – History, Anniversaries – Legal Records: Deed (original & transcription) – Newsletters. “Monthly Call,” 1891-1892; “Peace,” 1973-1975; “Friedens Forum,” 1990-1996. – Pastors – Photographs -Sunday School Attendance Records 1906-1940 Financial Records Women’s Guild Saur BiblesChurch RG 617
VANew MarketSheboyganDavidsburg Union ChurchThe Davidsburg Union Church collection consists of a single published pamphlet containing baptisms from 1785 to 1845 transcribed and translated by John Stewart and Klaus Wust. Shenandoah Genealogical Source Book, no. 6. Edinburg, VA: Shenandoah History, 1983.Church RG 275
VAPleasant ValleyRockinghamSt. Mark’s Reformed ChurchThe St. Mark’s Reformed Church collection consists of 1 box containing: – Church Records (original): Baptisms, 1892-1931; Marriages, 1892-1926; Deaths, 1895-1933; Communicants, 1892-1933; Membership, 1892-1919; Officers, 1901-1934; Pastoral Register, 1892-1933; Statistical Reports, 1893-1894 – Congregational Meetings: Minutes, 1896, 1936 – Constitutions, n.d. – Financial Records: Subscription Lists. Forward Movement, 1920 – History – Legal Records: Deeds, n.d.Church RG 111
VARockland MillsAugustaSt. Paul’s Reformed ChurchThe St. Paul’s Reformed Church collection consists of 1 box containing: – Church Records (original): Baptisms, 1885-1934, 1938, 1951; Marriages, 1904-1937, 1954; Deaths, 1884-1932, 1949-1956; Communicants, 1883-1933, 1949-1959; Membership, 1853-1934; Officers, 1883-1934, 1949-1957; Pastoral Register, 1882-1948; Statistical Reports, 1928-1929 – Congregational Meetings: Minutes, 1950-1956 – History – Committees: – Consistory: Minutes, 1901-1934Church RG 109
VAShenandoahShenandoahMt. Lebanon UCCThe Mt. Lebanon UCC collection consists of the constitution and by-laws and newsletters.Church RG 756
VAStony CreekSussexReformed Zion Pine ChurchThe Reformed Zion-Pine Church collection consists of one book; “Reformed Zion-Pine Church Record 1788-1827 Stony Creek, Virginia”, edited by Klaus Wust, transcriptions and translations by Ilse M. Martin, George M. Smith and Klaus Wust. This book contains: Baptisms, 1783-1827; Confirmations, 1789-1826; Communicants, 1795-1827.Church RG 432
VATimbervilleRockinghamTrinity Reformed ChurchThe Trinity Reformed Church collection consists of 1 box containing: – Bulletins – Church recorrds (transcription): Baptisms, 1786-1796 transcribed by Zacharius (photocopy) – Legal Records: Deed (transcription), 1765Church RG 110
VAWeyer’s CaveShenandoahSt. Andrew’s UCCThe St. Andrew’s, Weyer’s Cave collection consists of history and newsletters.Church RG 757
VAShenandoahMill Creek ChargeThe Mill Creek Charge collection consists of one box containing: – Church Records (transcription): Baptisms, 1787-1874; Confirmations, 1787-1869; Communicants, 1787-1869 – History – Pastors, 1739-1968 200 YEARS IN THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY, by Arthur Pierson Kelly, 1973. Contains Church Records. -Grace Church, Mt. Jackson: Bulletins, 1956-1958; Pastor’s Reports, 1956.Church RG 677
VAShenandoahWoodstock ChargeThe Woodstock Charge collection consists of newsletters for St. Paul’s UCC and Mt. Calvary UCC, Woodstock, VA.Church RG 755