MIAnn ArborWashtenawBethlehem Evangelical ChurchThe Bethlehem Evangelical Church collection consists of 1 box containing: – Bulletins, 1967 – History: Anniversary Celebrations, 1933-1958; News Clippings; Published THE STORY OF BETHLEHEM UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 1833-1973, (Part 1 by Samuel A. John, 1908), 1973.Church RG 074
MIDearbornWayneSt. James United Church of ChristThe St. James United Church of Christ (Dearborn, MI) collection contains Annual Reports, 1950-1984. Bulletins 1948-1994. Church Records, members list, reports constitution and History. Newsletters, Pastors, Photographs, Programs and Activities, Committees, Consistory Meetings and Women’s GuildChurch RG 824
MIDetroitWayneDexter Boulevard Reformed ChurchThe Dexter Boulevard Reformed Church collection consists of 1 box containing: – Constitution (found in Consistory minutes) – Financial Records: Receipts, ca. 1935 – Photographs – Committees: – Consistory Minutes, 1927-1936 – Auxiliary Organizations: – Sunday School: Financial Records, 1933-1936Church RG 164
MIDetroitWayneFirst Bethany Evangelical and Reformed ChurchFirst Bethany Evangelical and Reformed Church (Detroit, MI) Records consist of; Annual Reports 1956-2006, Bulletins Church Records (in German) Pastors, 1898-1957, Officers 1893-1897, Baptisms 1893-1928, Confirmations, 1881-1926, Communicants 1893-1927, Deaths, 1895-1926 Baptisms 1927-2004, Marriages 1928-2003, Deaths 1927-2005, Confirmations 1927-1988, Communicants 1927-1994, Membership 1977-2003 Financial Records. History, Merger Documents, News Clippings, Newsletters, Pastors, Photographs, Programs and Activities, Reports, Auxilliary OrganizationsChurch RG 279
MIDetroitWayneThe Zion German Reformed ChurchThe Zion German Reformed Church Collection in Detroit Michigan Contains: Church Records; Baptisms 1913-1927; Confirmations, 1918-1920; communicants, 1914-1920, Deaths, 1914-1927; Marriages, 1913-1927; Statistical Reports, 1914-1927 Church Records; Baptisms 1928-1953; Confirmations, 1928-1953; Communicants, 1946-1953, Deaths, 1928-1953; Marriages, 1928-1953; Membership, 1928-1952 Constitution News Clippings PhotographsChurch RG 304
MIDetroitWayneTrinity Reformed Church (Detroit, MI)Trinity Reformed Church (Detroit, MI) collection includes; Bulletins, Church Records; Baptisms , Communicants, Deaths, Marriages, Pastors 1916-1979 History, Anniversaries, Legal Records, Newsletters, Pastors, Photographs, Programs Committees; Consistory Minutes 1916-1930 Auxiliary Organizations; Womens Guild, History, Officers, Constitution. Womens Guild Programs 1941-1970 Portrait of Rev. Theo. C. WiemerChurch RG 502
MIPetoskeyBoyneEmmanuel Evangelical and Reformed ChurchThe Emmanuel E&R Church collection consists of one box containing Constitution and By-laws; Financial Records, Annual Treasurer’s Reports, 1881-1954.Church RG 381
MISt. JosephBerrianSt. Peter’s Evangelical CongregationThis collection consists of one box containing: – Church Records, 1882-1899 (in German) – Constitution – Memorial Records, Financial Records, 1947-1995. – History – Auxiliary OrganizationsChurch RG 784
MIWarrenMacombFaith-Trinity United Church of ChristFaith-Trinity United Church of Christ (Warren, MI) collection includes; Annual Reports 1992-2006 Bulletins Church Records Baptisms, Infants, 1972-2002, Adults, 1960-1976, Confirmations, 1961-1980; Deaths 1959-2006; Marriages, 1962-2008; Membership, 1960-2012 Directories 1971-1994 History Legal Records Pastors Committees Programs PhotographsChurch RG 272