Church Records

The Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society holds a variety of church records for church congregations that originated in the former Reformed (German) Church in the United States, Evangelical (German) Synod of North America, the Evangelical and Reformed Church, and the present United Church of Christ. Many of these record collections contain original documents, whereas others include photocopies, digitized scans, or transcriptions of the original documents.

Click on the appropriate state or territory below to see if the society holds a specific church record collection. Each table includes the city or town, county, name of church, collection description, and church record group number. These tables can be alphabetized by clicking on the up and down arrows in each of the column headers. A search box is also included at the top of the page to aid you in your searching.

In some cases, cities or towns are not indicated and this especially true for some of the Reformed congregations in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In these cases, the collection consists of records belonging to a charge. A charge is a group of churches that was typically served by the same pastor, and in most cases, the charge spanned several small towns and in some cases more than one county. Therefore, the search box at the top of the page will be the best option when searching for individual church congregations within a charge or when researching the entire charge itself.